What is Go?

The oldest, with very simple rules, but the most difficult board game of the world.

In Go, one match is played by two people. One player gets black, the other one gets white stones. At the empty board players put stones on the board (one by one; black, white, black, white, etc.)

Look (no. 1)

Picture1no. 1

The goal of the game is to surround more empty intersections, than opponent. Every empty intersection surrounded by one player, gives him one point.

e. g. Now (no. 2) black has surrounded 9 empty intersections, so 9 territory points, but white 8 empty intersections, it’s 8 territory points.


Picture2no. 2

If you surround with your stones, from every side (where the lines come from) opponent’s stone, then this stone is dead (it’s being removed from the board) and for every killed stone, you get also one point (no. 3).

Picture3no. 3

After removing the stone, the situation should look like this (no. 4).

Picture4no. 4

To kill 1 white stone in the center of the board, you need 4 black stones, at the sides 3, in the corners 2 (no. 5).

Picture5no. 5

After removing dead stones, the board looks like this (no. 6).

Picture6no. 6

It’s possible to kill more than one stone as well (no. 7).

Picture7no. 7

Picture8no. 8

The player, who gets more points, wins.

But… there is something called komi. It’s worth 6,5 points. Because black starts the game (plays the first move), he gets some advantage. To try to have no advantage like this, white gets additionally 6,5 points from black extra. So, sum of black’s points is surrounded territory and killed stones. And sum of white’s points is surrounded territory, killed stones and 6,5 points komi.

ATTENTION! Because of komi being 6,5 points and at the board the smallest unit is one point, there is never draw while playing Go.

To explain the rules, I used 9×9 board (players who begin to play Go, play on 9×9 board).

Tournament board is 19×19 (no. 9).

rys. 1no. 9