Weekend at school

It’s post, which I’ve written yesterday, but couldn’t send, because of no internet connection.

We’ve been playing again blitz games to the team tournament yesterday. I had 2:1, but my team lost. I had 0:3 today (also blitz games, but for nothing).
There is studying at this school for about two weeks one Korean. Nice, because it’s possible to speak with someone more normally. I had a weird situation yesterday. Chinese words were going into my head instead of Korean words. So far, it was completely different. When I tried to speak with Chinese, the Korean words were in my head. So, I don’t really know, if to be happy or not. From one side it’s nice, because my Chinese is better. From the other side it’s worse, because my Korean is worse.
Anyway, I’ve got to know, that they have changed yeonguseng leagues again. These are leagues for the best Korean amateurs, who would like to become pros. By the way, it’s not so easy to get even into the last league, because the weakest yeonguseng are about 7 dan (in Europe). In 2010 there were 10 leagues, 12 people in each league. Round-robin system. The best ones were going up, the worst ones were going down. Girls were playing in different leagues. In 2013 (when I was yeonguseng), there were 5 leagues. 32 players in each league. Girls and boys were playing in the same tournament (if I wrote ‘playing together’ I guess you’d misunderstand). But couldn’t play less than 24 girls. So, almost whole the 5th league were girls. But the system was a bit different – it was possible to play with someone from the different league. Someone, who was in the 5th league had 0 points at the start. Someone, who was in the 4th had 1 point. Someone, who was in the 1st had 4 points. There was 10 rounds. So, even in 5th round someone from the 5th league could play against someone from the 1st. After every 10 rounds, new leagues were being made (for the next tournament), according to the final results of the tournament.
There are 6 leagues right now. In top three there is 12 people in each league. In the next three – 32 in each league. Girls play separately. System remained, so 10 rounds and these points at the start for the league.

School league 13-15.04.2016

I don’t play well recently. I had 1:1 yesterday. I’ve been playing today in the morning, but again byo-yomi took me the victory away (yesterday too, by the way, but today much stronger). It’s evidently my worst part of the game. And I have no idea how to fix it. Match easily won. We had been playing ko for the corner, but I had much more threats. I played a threat, opponent responded and … I captured the wrong ko. F…

Because of that loss, I’m only 3rd in 9th league. In the afternoon I haven’t played to the school league (there was no opponent), but they told me to play against one guy from the 5th league. I won (even pretty calmly), I managed to kill some of the opponent’s groups BEFORE I was out of basic time. Obviously I don’t know how it would finish, if I had less time.


Results of the leagues are here: http://www.gyhdc.com/news/2016415/n96702780.html

Yesterday’s problems were also nice. I have never been counting up to 1/48 of point, so far. My record was 1/12, but while playing a match: 1/6.

DSC_0003 I managed to count just 5 problems. I had one wrong. In another one I didn’t write, it depends of threats, so also wrong. I had 3 correct. I didn’t have enough time to count more.

School league 11-13.04.2016

Today in the morning I was about to play the last match in this 10th league, but my opponent didn’t come (he had 0:4, maybe got upset). Instead, I played with teacher. I lost. He was still better than me, but maybe soon…
I finished the league on 2nd place and went up. Results of the league 11-13.04 are here: http://www.gyhdc.com/news/2016413/n08222777.html
In the afternoon I’ve been already playing to the 9th league. I managed to win.
Today in the evening we had a bit different class than usual. I mean, there was no reviews of our games, but they put us from two classrooms (5 leagues – totally 30 people) into one. Some pro had come to that big magnetic board and told us to ask him. So, we had been asking for over 2 hours about some openings and he was responding somehow. It was some variety. That pro’s name was Wang Haoyang.

I’m already waiting for that tournament in Shanghai. I’ve got a ticket, though there were some problems with buying it. I go on 18th. Opening ceremony is on 19th. 1st round – top32 is on 20th (I hope it’s not going to be the last round for me). I have a return ticket on 21st. They told me to buy, because they probably think white man has no chance to win. I’ll just say: I’ll do my best to win, even if I’d be taken to the hospital after the match. On 22nd is 2nd round – top16. On 24th is 3rd round – top8. Next rounds will be in different place in a couple of months.

School league after the tournament

Hey! After that terrible result at the tournament they put me into 10th league. I have never been playing at this school so low.
I had 2:0 yesterday. And in the morning I gave back the paper with problems after half an hour and … I had all correct (24 on 24). I have never had all correct so far. But these problems were much easier comparing to problems I had been solving in the higher classes.
Today unfortunately 1:1. Again loss by 0,5 point 🙁 And again I screwed up in the endgame. I should have connected ko for 2 points instead of taking 1 point, but I didn’t notice, that opponent had more threats (again that annoying byo-yomi). But I had again 24 on 24 from problems. We had such a test today:

DSC_0004 DSC_0007

School tournament 04-09.04.2016, after 13 rounds

Didn’t work 🙁

I had 2:0 yesterday, but 1:2 today. Altogether 7:6 and 70th place. Bad result. If there was 8 wins, it would be kind of average. If I had 9 wins, it would be good. I had just one loss (in 5th round), because my opponent played better. All the other losses were result of myself getting into byo-yomi (there was 1h+20s byo-yomi) and playing like a moron then.


Hopefully, there is more time on more important tournaments. Ing Cup: 3,5h of basic time, European Grand Slam: 2,5h of basic time. I hope, that a good shape will come till 20th April…

Final results are here: http://www.gyhdc.com/news/201649/n40262767.html

School tournament 04-09.04.2016, after 8 rounds

Tournament lasts. After 4 days (8 rounds) it goes poorly for me, I have 4:4. Every day I had 1:1. I don’t write anything about the matches, because writing, that it was good, but then lost doesn’t make sense. There will be 2 more rounds tomorrow and 3 on Saturday.

The pairing of the 9th round is here:

This time it was a bit more difficult for me to find myself, because they gave me 3 badges instead of 4. So, I’m marked like this now: 马特乌

Toilets in China

I was about to send it yesterday, but again I couldn’t connect with the internet.

Many people associate China with following things:
Constantly spitting natives.
Air pollution, which sometimes looks like this:

Assholes on the roads. On the road the priority has the bigger car. Passers-by have basically never a priority (green and red lights are probably just to have the streets more colorful). Car drivers care about lights not so often, but the real hardcores are drivers of scooters, motorbikes and bikes. As I’ve realised – they aren’t concerned at all about any traffic lights. Just rushing through the crossroads with their heads up (so that, they have no chance to see the lights, not mentioning passers-by). I don’t know what are the procedures to get a driving license in China, but in Poland over 99% of Chinese drivers shouldn’t pass.
Acquiescences of natives without any idea what’s going on. There is a very small chance to get on with somebody in English or any other western language. The trick of natives is acquiescence. You try to ask about something, but the second tells you: ‘Ok, ok’, though he has completely no idea what you mean.
There is one more thing, which might be annoying, but not so many people speak about that.
Namely – chinese crappers.
Here, I mean in the flat I have a normal, western style toilet. However, in public places in China toilets look different. And it’s not the ‘different’ like in Korea or Japan, where there are some buttons by the lavatory (to e.g. regulate the temperature of the toilet seat). Here, the crappers look like this (photos from the school):

DSC_0255 DSC_0256 DSC_0258

And how it is with the food? I don’t complain. Every day (from Monday till Friday) I go to some restaurants for lunch and dinner. Why? Because the difference in price between restaurant and shop is small. Lunch cost me about 20 yuan (3 euro) in average. Moreover, I don’t waste time for shopping, going to the flat in the lunch time break and cooking.
On Saturdays I usually go for lunch to the restaurant, but after classes – to the supermarket to buy some fruits, cookies and something to drink for Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Sunday is the only day in a week I eat breakfast (but don’t eat lunch instead). I had for breakfast today: 1kg of papaya (a fruit), a few cookies and cola. Something for something, but fortunately I managed to come back to the flat while dinner break time.
So, the common day I begin with a duty to go to the toilet to <<guess>> and I try to keep the need untill coming back to the flat in the evening.

School League 31.03-01.04.2016

Hey! So, I was about to enter 6th league, but 2 new students came to school, who started to play higher and pushed me down. I’d been playing in 7th league and didn’t play well. I had 2:3, altogether 4 people had 2 wins (4 last places), 1 person had higher SODOS, other three had the same, but because of the tournament on Monday there was no reason to draw lots. Results should be here soon: http://www.gyhdc.com/news/2016330/n42262724.html

Today Saturday, so there was a team tournament. I had 2:1, but team won. Results are here: http://www.gyhdc.com/news/201642/n88012727.html

School league 28-30.03.2016 and photos from classes

I wrote this post yesterday, but couldn’t connect with the internet, so I send it just now:

Hey! Today we’ve been playing 3 matches to the school league. 1 match in the morning with normal time settings 1h+3x20s and 2 matches in the afternoon with time 40min+3x20s. And there were three matches today instead of two, because (if I understood correctly) tomorrow is some holiday and a trip. I don’t really know where this trip is to, but the gathering time is 8:30 am. So, today the league has finished. I had 1:1 yesterday. I managed to win 3 matches today, I’m 2nd and finally going up, to the 6th league. But I won’t be there for long, because on 4th April there is a beginning of every-month-school-tournament and then, according to places in the tournament, they make new leagues. Tournament will last 5 days. 3 rounds a day in the first 3 days and 2 rounds a day in the next 2 days, so altogether 13 rounds. Everyday in the evening teachers will review these games from the tournament. Time settings are 1h+3x20s per player.
I should have sent some photos from the classes, so I send 🙂

DSC_0003 DSC_0004 Morning life & death problems

DSC_0013 DSC_0011 And on the paper. There was 20 problems and 1h time today. On the first page 12 easier problems. On the second page 8 more difficult. I had 3 mistakes.

DSC_0005 DSC_0006 Matches

DSC_0010 Evening reviews

DSC_0009 And a photo of the league results. Something weird has happened with the school’s website and I couldn’t find the results online, that’s why I send a photo.