School league 08-10.06.2016

After a bad start in the recent school league I managed somehow to keep staying in the 6th league (at first I had 3 losses, then 2 wins and I was classified on the 4th place). In that team tournament, where we were playing from Monday till Friday I had 1:4. On Continue reading

Fast matches on Sunday

HEY, weird things are happening. I had 3:0 today, as well 🙂 The leagues after the tournament are already made. I’ll play tomorrow in the 7th league.

School tournament

Recently I didn’t really want to write, because I was losing almost every match at school. Today finally some break. We have been playing in a team tournament. 5 teams, 4 matches. I had 2:2. Tomorrow at 9:00 we Continue reading

Next loss

I came to Beijing. I haven’t been writing anything, because I didn’t have internet. Actually, I don’t have it still, but probably one of the neighbours hadn’t secured the router and I managed to connect with wi-fi. There were not many people at school recently, because most went to play in some tournament. So, they put me into 2nd league. On Monday I had 0:2 to the school league (but probably I might somehow find an excuse, I didn’t sleep at night, so I couldn’t really think). On Tuesday I managed to win 2 matches. I haven’t been playing to the school league today, because I took part in the ENN Cup. In the 1st round I was playing against Ali Jabarin from Israel. Unfortunately, I lost. But this time opponent played better than me. I send a few photos and the record of the match.

1st round of World Group preliminary of ENN Cup 2016, Ali Jabarin – Mateusz Surma

DSC_0021 DSC_0023 DSC_0025 DSC_0027