Road to Petersburg


They haven’t exiled me on Siberia after my loss in Korea, though some people’d probably prefer to make me stay in Irkutsk (that’s where I’ve taken this photo). It was a long way from Seoul to Petersburg, with two transfers (in Irkutsk 15,5h of waiting and in Moscow 3h of waiting), but somehow I managed to get to the venue of the tournament.

Yesterday, after arrival I came to check-in at the hotel and went to find some currency exchange office. I had been walking over 3h around the city and … haven’t found even one. Eventually I went to some bank to exchange the money. I’m asking one guy, who was working there. “Dollar, rubel, exchange?”. He has just Continue reading

World Division of Samsung Cup 2016, after round 1

1st round is over. Results below:
And record of my match:

And photos of the building, where we play:
DSC_0019 DSC_0022
Yesterday in the evening I saw something unusual in the room, where I stay. On the door, there is a paper with a few rules.
But in the room, there is also something like this:
I managed to win today, so I keep on playing 🙂
My tomorrow’s opponent will be Guang Chow from RSA, probably the strongest player who has African passport. Well, I didn’t come here to be afraid of opponents, but to beat them. I will keep with this.

World Division of Samsung Cup 2016, before round 1

Hi! I’m already in Seoul. After the Warsaw Tournament (results are here) I went to the beach for 10 days on holidays. Today I landed in Korea. I took a new, bigger suitcase for this trip. I’m planning to win everything and it’s necessary to carry the trophies somehow 🙂
I was in Hankuk Kiwon today (there, where the tournament is held). The draw is already done:

Just one player goes through, so it’s necessary to win everything.

The matches begin every day at 13:00 (Korean time zone).

Time to set off

I’m setting off today and I’ll be living out of a suitcase for over 5 weeks. I don’t know how it will be with access to Internet. I don’t know when I will send next post. I suppose, everyone is still brooding about the yesterday’s match of Poland against Portugal. I got upset, either. There will be no victory of Poland on the European Football Championship this year. But there will be victory of Poland on the European GO Championship!

Update of tab

I have modified a bit “Become a sponsor” tab. Unfortunately, not every sport is sport in Poland. If only there could exist Polish Go Federation instead of Polish Go Association, life could have been much easier.

“Real sportsman doesn’t lament, real sportsman changes inconveniences into motivation”. I will try to comply with this motto.