How to count points and values of moves in the endgame?

Somebody asked me how I could count a value of a certain move in the endgame, so that the result was 8 and 19/48 points. I’ll try to explain.

There is a situation like on this diagram.rys. 1We look just at this what happens at the first line (from C1 to H1). We assume, that both groups (black and white) live certainly. In D1 black has 1 point. White has 0 points.

Another situation. How many points has each of players? rys. 2White has 0 points and has no chance to get any point. What about black? If black plays at E1rys. 1, he has 1 point. If black doesn’t play on the first line, but in the other place on the board, white might play at E1.rys. 3Black has 0 points now. We count an average.

(1+0)/2 = 1/2 Black has 1/2 point.

Different situation.rys. 5Black played at F1.rys. 4How much was worth this move?

After playing at F1 black has 2 points (at D1 and at E1). If black didn’t play there, but white played at F1.rys. 2We know from the previous situation, black would have 1/2 point. So, the F1 move was worth 2-1/2 = 1 and 1/2 points.

But how many points has black here?rys. 5We count an average again. (2+1/2)/2 = 1 and 1/4 points.

But how many points has black now and how much is worth G1 move?rys. 6If black played at G1, he’d have 3 points. If white played at G1, black’d have 1 and 1/4 points. So, the G1 move is worth 3 – 1 and 1/4 = 1 and 3/4 points. But without playing at G1, how many points has black? An average, so (3 + 1 and 1/4)/2 = 2 and 1/8 points.

But how it looks like, when there is a ko?

rys. 9Playing with black at E4 doesn’t make any sense, because white might connect and black doesn’t get anything on this exchange. White doesn’t have to connect, however. Assuming, that white wouldn’t connect, how much is worth playing at E4 by black? To get 1 point, black has to play first at E4, then capture the stone at E6 and then connect at E5. So, black needs 3 moves, to get 1 point, so the E4 move is worth 1/3 point.

But how many points has black right now?rys. 10Black has 1/3 point. After capturing white’s stone black will have 2/3 point. After connection at E5 black will have 1 point.

School league 13-15.04.2016

I don’t play well recently. I had 1:1 yesterday. I’ve been playing today in the morning, but again byo-yomi took me the victory away (yesterday too, by the way, but today much stronger). It’s evidently my worst part of the game. And I have no idea how to fix it. Match easily won. We had been playing ko for the corner, but I had much more threats. I played a threat, opponent responded and … I captured the wrong ko. F…

Because of that loss, I’m only 3rd in 9th league. In the afternoon I haven’t played to the school league (there was no opponent), but they told me to play against one guy from the 5th league. I won (even pretty calmly), I managed to kill some of the opponent’s groups BEFORE I was out of basic time. Obviously I don’t know how it would finish, if I had less time.


Results of the leagues are here:

Yesterday’s problems were also nice. I have never been counting up to 1/48 of point, so far. My record was 1/12, but while playing a match: 1/6.

DSC_0003 I managed to count just 5 problems. I had one wrong. In another one I didn’t write, it depends of threats, so also wrong. I had 3 correct. I didn’t have enough time to count more.

School league after the tournament

Hey! After that terrible result at the tournament they put me into 10th league. I have never been playing at this school so low.
I had 2:0 yesterday. And in the morning I gave back the paper with problems after half an hour and … I had all correct (24 on 24). I have never had all correct so far. But these problems were much easier comparing to problems I had been solving in the higher classes.
Today unfortunately 1:1. Again loss by 0,5 point 🙁 And again I screwed up in the endgame. I should have connected ko for 2 points instead of taking 1 point, but I didn’t notice, that opponent had more threats (again that annoying byo-yomi). But I had again 24 on 24 from problems. We had such a test today:

DSC_0004 DSC_0007

School league 28-30.03.2016 and photos from classes

I wrote this post yesterday, but couldn’t connect with the internet, so I send it just now:

Hey! Today we’ve been playing 3 matches to the school league. 1 match in the morning with normal time settings 1h+3x20s and 2 matches in the afternoon with time 40min+3x20s. And there were three matches today instead of two, because (if I understood correctly) tomorrow is some holiday and a trip. I don’t really know where this trip is to, but the gathering time is 8:30 am. So, today the league has finished. I had 1:1 yesterday. I managed to win 3 matches today, I’m 2nd and finally going up, to the 6th league. But I won’t be there for long, because on 4th April there is a beginning of every-month-school-tournament and then, according to places in the tournament, they make new leagues. Tournament will last 5 days. 3 rounds a day in the first 3 days and 2 rounds a day in the next 2 days, so altogether 13 rounds. Everyday in the evening teachers will review these games from the tournament. Time settings are 1h+3x20s per player.
I should have sent some photos from the classes, so I send 🙂

DSC_0003 DSC_0004 Morning life & death problems

DSC_0013 DSC_0011 And on the paper. There was 20 problems and 1h time today. On the first page 12 easier problems. On the second page 8 more difficult. I had 3 mistakes.

DSC_0005 DSC_0006 Matches

DSC_0010 Evening reviews

DSC_0009 And a photo of the league results. Something weird has happened with the school’s website and I couldn’t find the results online, that’s why I send a photo.

The Power of Yose

Today we had again problems for counting yose. Again was nice 🙂 There was just 12 problems (but this time a bit more difficult). I had 4 mistakes, though in two out of these four these mistakes are not necesserily mistakes, because the difference of value did matter mainly of differentiating sente and gote with continuation worth more than previous move, so theoretically both answers might be correct, but practically correct is the result depending on the other places with points on the board. If I understood teacher correctly (he was speaking in Chinese), his result is more often correct. And after analysing, I came to the conclusion, that he was right. In two other problems with mistakes, in first I was wrong by 1/3 point, in second by 1/4.

I returned the paper after about 50 minutes (out of 60 minutes available). I didn’t want to check myself (I took another problems instead), because unlike my previous school in Korea – there is no need to do 50 squats after every mistake here 🙂

But the result of next person in the class was 8 mistakes, so it’s ok.

If someone wants to check himself, I send a photo with these problems:



And after problems I managed to win 2 matches to the school league 🙂

If again, in the next year I’d have holidays in February, I’ll try to write next book. This time for advanced: “The Power of Yose”.


Train with Mateusz, day 15

Hello! Next problems:

38-1              39-1

And beneath my answers to problems from the day 14:

36-2             37-2

As you have probably realised, in these problems, it was necessary to find a tesuji and play the best endgame. In problems for the next few days it’s gonna be similar, I guess.