Go books

When I thought that this Grand Slam Tournament will happen, I was thinking about what to use this tournament for.

The tournament would be a great opportunity to make Go more popular in media. And once people hear about Go, some part of them will also want to learn how to play. And there aren’t many Go books in Poland.

At that time the “Shapes of mind” were being printed (Polish version, after the crowdfunding action). I thought that someone might read this book and then he won’t be able to see any other books to study Go and he will just stop to study. So, I started to write the next books.Continue reading

Grand Slam in Warsaw

It was, if I remember properly, in November 2016 when I got an information from the Polish Go Association that there is some sponsor from China, who “would like to have” a very big Go tournament in Poland and who asked the Polish Go Association for organization of this tournament.

Of course I was very interested, because there aren’t any big tournaments in Poland, but it would be good to have some. I had also some thoughts in my head that maybe it will be possible to encourage the sponsor, so he would also become a sponsor of the tournament, which I wanted to organize.

So, I asked the Polish Go Association about some more details and I got an e-mail address of the sponsor. I wrote, I received an answer. It turned out that this guy would like to have, in Warsaw at the China Expo, the largest Go tournament in Europe.Continue reading

Polgote.com Go Championship in Rybnik

I was already tired of a couple of years’ Go training in Asia.
On some day in October 2016, after lessons at school, I was wondering about how much time more I will need to spend in China.

Will I have any real chance to get into the world’s top, if I study at the Go school for a few more years?
I came to a conclusion that the best (sacrificing really a lot of time for training) I will be able just to reach the level of average professionals (who keep training) from China or Korea.

And, besides reaching level of the world’s top, what else would I care about (professionally)?
Well… I would like Go to be popular worldwide (especially in Poland).

And how would I be able to make this come true?Continue reading


Somehow it turned out that I haven’t been writing anything here for more than one year. I’m sorry.
But, well… I was doing other things at that time.
Now I have a little bit more time, so I will try to write a bit, about what was happening, in the next few articles.

Somehow it works…

For the last month the website didn’t work. Hmm, I am not a computer scientist…

I had a domain and hosting (from one provider) valid until 18th January. You were writing me not to remove this website. Polish Go Association has agreed to provide a hosting (free of charge). I’ve paid for a domain and extended it by one year. I didn’t know how the process of hosting’s provider changing looks like.

20th January had come and everything at the website worked – I thought, that the hosting had been changed and all will be fine. So, I’ve decided to change a layout of the website for one, which was better in my opinion. I’ve also changed subpages a bit and written a few new posts. After some time the website had stopped to work…

I didn’t know what’s going on – I have sent several e-mails. After a few days someone gave me some feedback. It turned out, that the hosting from the previous provider worked for 10 days after the deadline of payment. Then it had been blocked. The website wasn’t however “hooked” on the go.art.pl’s hosting and simply stopped to work. It took over a month, so that someone hooked the website onto that hosting. Moreover, a few days of work, which I’ve sacrifised for changing the website’s layout, were lost. Because the website was backed up before these changes.

So, thanks for the Polish Go Association for providing a hosting and hooking the website under this hosting. It’s a pity, that it took so much time and there is no new version available anymore.

The end of website

Soon (on 17th January) the website will probably stop to work (the deadline of payment is passing at that time).

So, thanks for this year and for entering on this website.

Why won’t I keep this website?

  1. I don’t feel like to write anymore (it takes sometimes pretty a lot of time and I don’t have much time recently).
  2. Within a few days I plan to create a company, which will be connected with Go. Within two years (basically I have a plan for the next 30 years, but there is too much of unknowns) I’ll try to implement a couple of my own ideas/projects. The first enterprise is pretty big (I’m preparing for it’s realization already since a few months and it’s completion will occur probably in May 2018). I don’t know if it will work, but if it will – it will be pretty big step ahead in a context of the development of Go on the world. It might sound weird, but my goal is to make Go more popular than chess in Poland till the end of 2026 and till the end of 2046 to help my country become a pioneer on a bit different field. If it won’t work, well… not everything has to work in life. But in my opinion it’s better to work (instead of just speaking or watching) to have the chance to make the good things come true.
  3. Total cost of keeping this website for the first year was 9 PLN (2,06 EUR for today’s exchange rate), but the price for the next year is 313,47 PLN (71,69 EUR for today’s exchange rate).

What now?

In these last 5 weeks I didn’t really have much time to write anything on this website. At school in China I was falling down or remaining in the same league. In the last cycle I had 0:5 in the 2nd amateur league. In the “spare time” I was writing some project.

Continue reading

A few photos

Since Friday we have finally hot water (for the last two weeks we didn’t have), hurray. We’ve got also eventually a new router. Internet works better, so I can send some photos.

From the trip onto the lake nearby Urumqi (we went there by the way of the Silk Road Tournament).

Continue reading

Change of the system of playing matches at school

Since Monday there are at school some different leagues for professionals. So, beside Chinese pros, Ali and Eric, they’ve put me there as well. We don’t play in the normal school league anymore. There are just 2 pro-leagues at school right now (in each there are 6 players), but from the next week probably there is going to be more pro-leagues. Of course I play in the 2nd. After the first cycle I had 2:3 and 4th place (I managed to win against Ali and some Chinese girl-pro). In the second cycle (and still in the 2nd pro-league) I played one match and I lost.