How to count points and values of moves in the endgame?

Somebody asked me how I could count a value of a certain move in the endgame, so that the result was 8 and 19/48 points. I’ll try to explain.

There is a situation like on this diagram.rys. 1We look just at this what happens at the first line (from C1 to H1). We assume, that both groups (black and white) live certainly. In D1 black has 1 point. White has 0 points.

Another situation. How many points has each of players? rys. 2White has 0 points and has no chance to get any point. What about black? If black plays at E1rys. 1, he has 1 point. If black doesn’t play on the first line, but in the other place on the board, white might play at E1.rys. 3Black has 0 points now. We count an average.

(1+0)/2 = 1/2 Black has 1/2 point.

Different situation.rys. 5Black played at F1.rys. 4How much was worth this move?

After playing at F1 black has 2 points (at D1 and at E1). If black didn’t play there, but white played at F1.rys. 2We know from the previous situation, black would have 1/2 point. So, the F1 move was worth 2-1/2 = 1 and 1/2 points.

But how many points has black here?rys. 5We count an average again. (2+1/2)/2 = 1 and 1/4 points.

But how many points has black now and how much is worth G1 move?rys. 6If black played at G1, he’d have 3 points. If white played at G1, black’d have 1 and 1/4 points. So, the G1 move is worth 3 – 1 and 1/4 = 1 and 3/4 points. But without playing at G1, how many points has black? An average, so (3 + 1 and 1/4)/2 = 2 and 1/8 points.

But how it looks like, when there is a ko?

rys. 9Playing with black at E4 doesn’t make any sense, because white might connect and black doesn’t get anything on this exchange. White doesn’t have to connect, however. Assuming, that white wouldn’t connect, how much is worth playing at E4 by black? To get 1 point, black has to play first at E4, then capture the stone at E6 and then connect at E5. So, black needs 3 moves, to get 1 point, so the E4 move is worth 1/3 point.

But how many points has black right now?rys. 10Black has 1/3 point. After capturing white’s stone black will have 2/3 point. After connection at E5 black will have 1 point.

Go workshops for members of PSG

On 6th February I’ll start to lead workshops for all PSG (Polish Go Association) members. Lessons will be online on a Go Server KGS (room in a category “Lessons” named “Lekcje PSG”). Workshops will be parted into two parts (one for beginners, one for advanced players), 45 minutes each. These lessons will take place once a week. If I was absent, because of my departures for some tournaments, I’d try to lead the overdue lessons next week. These workshops are FREE OF CHARGE for every PSG member. It’s possible to become a PSG member in a very easy way. You just need to fill the form on the page Fee of membership is just 60 PLN (about 14 euros) a year. For juniors and students under 30, there is a discount and the total cost is 30 PLN (about 7 euros) a year. For juniors under 16 the membership is free.

Start of first lessons – 6th February at 18:00.

We will start with the part for advanced. It’s topic is: “Strong and weak points of Artificial Inteligence. Look at the match of program Alpha Go against European Champion – Fan Hui (2 dan professional)”.

At 18:45 part for beginners, which topic is: “Concept of good shape based on 3rd place match of Polish Championship, Koichiro Habu (5 dan) – Kamil Grabowski (2 dan).”

All workshops are in Polish language.