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When I thought that this Grand Slam Tournament will happen, I was thinking about what to use this tournament for.

The tournament would be a great opportunity to make Go more popular in media. And once people hear about Go, some part of them will also want to learn how to play. And there aren’t many Go books in Poland.

At that time the “Shapes of mind” were being printed (Polish version, after the crowdfunding action). I thought that someone might read this book and then he won’t be able to see any other books to study Go and he will just stop to study. So, I started to write the next books.

What book would be the most important for someone who read the “Shapes of mind” and would like to become stronger as soon as possible?
In my opinion the most important would be some book with Go problems to solve.

So, I opened some program on my computer with the 9×9 board and I started to invent problems. I thought that it’s better if the answers will appear in the same book, so I was saving them too.

I invented maybe 100 problems and I stopped to have ideas. I didn’t want to copy problems from any other books. So, I opened some books with problems (from Korea and China), which I should have been solving and I simply tried to solve these problems. It was just a common training for me. Later, however, after solving every problem, I tried to simplify the problem considerably (e.g. play a few moves from my sequence – I didn’t have any answers in these books), later change something, fit into the 9×9 board and save on the computer.
I invented the next 2000 problems this way.

More less in this moment I’ve received a message that the sponsor stops to be the sponsor of this Grand Slam in Warsaw.
This tournament pushed me to write these books and now it turned out that there will be no tournament – I should write something vulgar here, but it will not help in anything, so I’ll just write “ 🙁 “.

I could try to find another sponsor (who would invest 40 000 euro in the tournament) in a couple of months, but it would be a very difficult task for me. Still I had in my head a plan for organizing this other, bigger tournament in Rybnik (this was a priority for me) and looking for sponsors on this tournament – I thought that it will be much easier to find sponsors for the tournament in Rybnik, because for every potential sponsor, who offers products in Europe and Asia, the potential gain will be definitely bigger there (in this tournament the top players from whole the world would play and the eyes of Asia would be turned on the side of this tournament, but in Warsaw only the top players from Europe would play).
And I canceled the tournament in Warsaw.

And books?
I’ve already had a bit of problems ready and I’ve decided to stop creating more for now. At that time I thought that the bigger part of work with this book is already done.

And I started to think about how to fit these problems into a book/books.

I came to a conclusion that a lot of people would prefer smaller books instead of the bigger ones. I mean that the more comfortable for use would be such books which can be hidden in the pocket, so that the reader can try to solve the problems while travelling.

So, somehow I had to sort these problems by level and divide them into a few books.

It took me a lot of time, but I found a few mistakes in problems by the way.

Later I’d been checking this sorting once more and I corrected it a bit (again I found a few mistakes in the problems).

Later I started to think about how to do the typesetting.

Get someone for it or try to typeset myself? If typesetting myself, in what program?
I was looking for some prices for this kind of work and I decided to typeset myself.
I tried to do it in a couple of programs and I chose some simple, Chinese text editor (it was the most comfortable program for me for doing this job).

I divided the problems into 8 books.
And I’d been copying and pasting all these problems and answers into this program. Later I’ve also written instructions and some short descriptions (e.g. move no. 5 can also be played at A7). At this point, again, I found a few mistakes in the problems. Later I added some longer descriptions (e.g. what the 2-stage ko is). Then somehow I tried to correct it all aesthetically. And I had the books.

I’ve sent these books for the language correction. I’ve added the granted ISBN, created the covers. I’d already been looking for some printing office, but I chickened that there still might be some mistakes and I started to check these problems again.

I’d been checking for the next 4,5 month…

And… I really hope that there aren’t any more mistakes.

I ordered the printing.
Along with the books with problems I also ordered printing for the first book (“Shapes of mind”).

However, to print this book, I’d need to… have it.
I’ve had just the version with the proofreader’s changes, but without the typesetting.

And I wrote to this guy who did the typesetting (he also designed the cover of the “Shapes of mind”). I wrote a couple of e-mails, I didn’t get any answer. I’d learned from some source that this guy went to Norway. I’d been waiting 2 months for an answer and eventually I did the typesetting myself. I really don’t like wasting time, but I didn’t have much choice.

In the meantime I ordered the execution of website for the online shop.
The shop works – it’s possible to buy books on https://polgote.com

I’ve translated the books to English. I should get them after the language correction soon.

What will be next?
Next language versions and next books 😉

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