Polgote.com Go Championship in Rybnik

I was already tired of a couple of years’ Go training in Asia.
On some day in October 2016, after lessons at school, I was wondering about how much time more I will need to spend in China.

Will I have any real chance to get into the world’s top, if I study at the Go school for a few more years?
I came to a conclusion that the best (sacrificing really a lot of time for training) I will be able just to reach the level of average professionals (who keep training) from China or Korea.

And, besides reaching level of the world’s top, what else would I care about (professionally)?
Well… I would like Go to be popular worldwide (especially in Poland).

And how would I be able to make this come true?
While playing on the level of the world’s top and winning tournaments.

And how else?
While teaching other people, writing articles in media, organizing tournaments. I could also try to become a politician and after reaching the trough (i.e. get into a position of power) inject a lot of money from taxes into Go, but if I was a politician, first of all I would liquidate most of taxes and the Ministry of Sports. So, I gave up my plans about becoming a politician and I focused on the other ways to popularize Go in Poland.

How to teach other people?
I can e.g. teach online, try to open a Go academy (something similar to what is now in Far East) or write Go books.

Am I the right person to write articles in media?
This direction of activity is probably not for me.
But I can try to do something to make the journalists write about Go – organize Go tournaments with very big prizes.

And probably everyday, after lessons, I had been thinking about how to organize a big Go tournament in Poland.
I ordered the execution of website of the tournament: http://gocup.ayz.pl/en
It’s possible to read a bit about the details of the tournament on this website.

But before this order I was going to go for a tournament (Sankei Cup) to Osaka. Besides taking part in the tournament, I wanted to talk with some VIPs from the Japanese Go Federations (Kansai-kiin and Nihon-kiin) about the tournament, which I wanted to organize in Poland. I was flying to Japan from China and I had the return ticket with stop in Seoul, because I also wanted to talk about the Polish tournament with some VIPs from the Korean Go Federation (Hankuk Kiwon).
I created presentations, ordered text translations onto a few languages.
I was in Osaka – I was talking with Kansai-kiin.
I was in Tokyo – I was talking with Nihon-kiin.
I was in Seoul – I was talking with Hankuk Kiwon.
In Seoul I was also talking about the tournament with one of potential sponsors (i.e. with people who run probably the most popular internet Go platform on the world).
Later, after returning to China, I was also talking about the tournament with Zhongguo Qiyuan (Chinese Go Federation).

In Japan they were interested.
In Korea they were very interested.
In China they made me understand that the talk about the tournament doesn’t make sense, because I won’t be able to organize this tournament anyway.

I came back from China to Poland and I started to look for sponsors.
I had been writing and calling many various companies, that work in Europe and in the Far East, which in my opinion could be interested in the tournament sponsorship.
I had prepared presentations in PowerPoint, also some promotional video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Go19pLAYDg (Polish version)
Just one company agreed for a meeting, but after the meeting, none of it worked out.

I already wanted to open the registration for the tournament with considerably decreased prizes (the initial plan was to have prizes only from the entry fee). I hoped that the funds for creating the tournament (without prizes) would come from this internet platform from Korea.

But unfortunately, Go-playing-robots appeared – I came to a conclusion that many people will not register, because of being afraid of playing with opponents who can use “robots’ help”.
And because of this small detail, the whole tournament collapsed 🙁

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