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In these last 5 weeks I didn’t really have much time to write anything on this website. At school in China I was falling down or remaining in the same league. In the last cycle I had 0:5 in the 2nd amateur league. In the “spare time” I was writing some project.

Later, I went for a tournament to Osaka. I didn’t play well, but somehow I managed to win in the 1st round. However, in the 2nd round I lost and got knocked out of the Sankei Cup. In that “Friendship match” (a match to the newspaper) I managed to win.

In Osaka I was discussing about that project with Kansai-kiin (Japanese Go Federation from Kansai region). Later, I went to Tokyo. Purpose – also that project and talks with Nihon-kiin (Japanese Go Federation). In Tokyo I spent over a week. I was playing and living in Hong Seisen Dojo. Nice, because I was able to test myself against Japanese insei from the Nihon-kiin (who have pro exam right now). And looking at my results, in my opinion, there would be a real chance to become pro in Nihon-kiin. But under normal conditions, without these facilities for foreigners (almost all pros, who come from outside Asia and became pros in Asia, had easier, than locals).

From Tokyo I went to Seoul, I’m in some hostel right now and I’m writing to you 🙂 Tomorrow and the day after I have some important meetings and I still have to check if in my presentation everything is ok.

On 19th November in the evening I have a flight to Beijing. I will try to contact with Zhongguo Qiyuan (Chinese Go Federation) and I will attend the same school, where I was training earlier – Ge Yuhong Weiqi Daochang. I go back to Poland on 21st December.

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  1. Hong Seisen Dojo, nice! I visited there for a few weeks during 2013, Hong Sensei is very friendly.

    Good luck with that project, waiting to hear about it!

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