Change of the system of playing matches at school

Since Monday there are at school some different leagues for professionals. So, beside Chinese pros, Ali and Eric, they’ve put me there as well. We don’t play in the normal school league anymore. There are just 2 pro-leagues at school right now (in each there are 6 players), but from the next week probably there is going to be more pro-leagues. Of course I play in the 2nd. After the first cycle I had 2:3 and 4th place (I managed to win against Ali and some Chinese girl-pro). In the second cycle (and still in the 2nd pro-league) I played one match and I lost.

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    • Some games to the pro-league we play on 1h+3x30s byo-yomi, some we play on 10x30s byo-yomi without basic time. They try to make it be 3 games longer, 2 shorter out of 5 games in a round. But it’s a lottery which ones are which.

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