The end of crowdfunding action

Collecting funds for releasing Go book for beginners “Kształty umysłu” (“Shapes of mind”) has finished yesterday at 23:00. We managed to collect 14394 PLN (179% of assumed minimal sum necessary to release the book). For everyone, who helped – thank you.

Tomorrow again away

Travelling again, uff. Tomorrow I go to Warsaw, day after tomorrow to China (unless there would be some delays, cancellations, etc.). Firstly the Silk Road Tournament in Urumqi. Later to school to Beijing. But, there is one problem – they gave me visa to China, but just single-entry per 30 days. Even though, I had an invitation per half year. Of course, nobody from the embassy was able to explain this decision somehow. I think, I’ve already got used to, that there will be always someone, who will kick other people’s “rear part of body”. I’ll try to extend visa in Beijing, but allegedly it’s possible to extend visa maximum for the same amount of time as the received visa (in my case for the next 30 days). At the end of October I’m about to go to Osaka for Sankei Cup, but then … I don’t know. I suppose I’ll be obliged to go to the Embassy of China in Japan (if they’d extend me the current visa for that month) and apply for the new Chinese visa.