Update of tab

I have modified a bit “Become a sponsor” tab. Unfortunately, not every sport is sport in Poland. If only there could exist Polish Go Federation instead of Polish Go Association, life could have been much easier.

“Real sportsman doesn’t lament, real sportsman changes inconveniences into motivation”. I will try to comply with this motto.


School league 08-10.06.2016

After a bad start in the recent school league I managed somehow to keep staying in the 6th league (at first I had 3 losses, then 2 wins and I was classified on the 4th place). In that team tournament, where we were playing from Monday till Friday I had 1:4. On Continue reading

Fast matches on Sunday

HEY, weird things are happening. I had 3:0 today, as well 🙂 The leagues after the tournament are already made. I’ll play tomorrow in the 7th league.