School tournament

Recently I didn’t really want to write, because I was losing almost every match at school. Today finally some break. We have been playing in a team tournament. 5 teams, 4 matches. I had 2:2. Tomorrow at 9:00 we Continue reading

Next loss

I came to Beijing. I haven’t been writing anything, because I didn’t have internet. Actually, I don’t have it still, but probably one of the neighbours hadn’t secured the router and I managed to connect with wi-fi. There were not many people at school recently, because most went to play in some tournament. So, they put me into 2nd league. On Monday I had 0:2 to the school league (but probably I might somehow find an excuse, I didn’t sleep at night, so I couldn’t really think). On Tuesday I managed to win 2 matches. I haven’t been playing to the school league today, because I took part in the ENN Cup. In the 1st round I was playing against Ali Jabarin from Israel. Unfortunately, I lost. But this time opponent played better than me. I send a few photos and the record of the match.

1st round of World Group preliminary of ENN Cup 2016, Ali Jabarin – Mateusz Surma

DSC_0021 DSC_0023 DSC_0025 DSC_0027

After Kido Cup 2016

I’ve been travelling a bit recently. Firstly, to give documents to the Russian Visa Center in Krakow while applying for visa to St.-Petersburg on the EGC (European Go Congress). I’m about to go there in Summer (Congress will last from 22nd July till 7th August 2016). Before the Congress, there will be also some short Go camp (19-21.07.2016) organised by Continue reading

1st ENN Cup World Weiqi Open Tournament

I’ve got an info today about this tournament and already decided to go 🙂

Tournament will take place in Beijing from 24th till 28th May 2016. In the ‘world group’ might play people from outside China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. EGF (European Go Federation) and AGA (American Go Association) might put up to 12 players each. 8 people might play from the rest countries of the world. Knock-out system. For every match players get 2000 yuan each (about 267 euro). Who keeps on winning will play more. The winner of the ‘world group’ proceeds to the main tournament (to top64), where players from China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan will take part. In the main tournament just for playing and losing in the 1st round, players get 30000 yuan (about 4000 euro) each. For the 1st place in the main tournament there is a prize of 2200000 yuan (about 293260 euro). All prizes minus tax (20%).

Regulations of the 1st ENN Cup World Weiqi Open Tournament

How to count points and values of moves in the endgame?

Somebody asked me how I could count a value of a certain move in the endgame, so that the result was 8 and 19/48 points. I’ll try to explain.

There is a situation like on this diagram.rys. 1We look just at this what happens at the first line (from C1 to H1). We assume, that both groups (black and white) live certainly. In D1 black has 1 point. White has 0 points.

Another situation. How many points has each of players? rys. 2White has 0 points and has no chance to get any point. What about black? If black plays at E1rys. 1, he has 1 point. If black doesn’t play on the first line, but in the other place on the board, white might play at E1.rys. 3Black has 0 points now. We count an average.

(1+0)/2 = 1/2 Black has 1/2 point.

Different situation.rys. 5Black played at F1.rys. 4How much was worth this move?

After playing at F1 black has 2 points (at D1 and at E1). If black didn’t play there, but white played at F1.rys. 2We know from the previous situation, black would have 1/2 point. So, the F1 move was worth 2-1/2 = 1 and 1/2 points.

But how many points has black here?rys. 5We count an average again. (2+1/2)/2 = 1 and 1/4 points.

But how many points has black now and how much is worth G1 move?rys. 6If black played at G1, he’d have 3 points. If white played at G1, black’d have 1 and 1/4 points. So, the G1 move is worth 3 – 1 and 1/4 = 1 and 3/4 points. But without playing at G1, how many points has black? An average, so (3 + 1 and 1/4)/2 = 2 and 1/8 points.

But how it looks like, when there is a ko?

rys. 9Playing with black at E4 doesn’t make any sense, because white might connect and black doesn’t get anything on this exchange. White doesn’t have to connect, however. Assuming, that white wouldn’t connect, how much is worth playing at E4 by black? To get 1 point, black has to play first at E4, then capture the stone at E6 and then connect at E5. So, black needs 3 moves, to get 1 point, so the E4 move is worth 1/3 point.

But how many points has black right now?rys. 10Black has 1/3 point. After capturing white’s stone black will have 2/3 point. After connection at E5 black will have 1 point.

After Grand Slam in Berlin

I was there, I was fighting and I lost. 4th place – not good. I didn’t play well, opponents played better than me in semi-final and in the 3rd place match. I didn’t expect 2nd place last year (I thought it’d be worse), I didn’t expect 4th place this year (I thought it’d be better). But it has happened and can’t change it already. Results and match records are here:

Since 5th May there is a tournament in Amsterdam, but I don’t play. I’m already at home, a little pause and since tomorrow – trainings again. I won’t be solving just life & death problems (like last time, when I was at home), but I’ll try to improve by solving yose problems as well. On 14th May the tournament in Hamburg (Kido Cup) begins – a big tournament (as for Europe), nice prizes – I’m gonna go.