School league 28-30.03.2016 and photos from classes

I wrote this post yesterday, but couldn’t connect with the internet, so I send it just now:

Hey! Today we’ve been playing 3 matches to the school league. 1 match in the morning with normal time settings 1h+3x20s and 2 matches in the afternoon with time 40min+3x20s. And there were three matches today instead of two, because (if I understood correctly) tomorrow is some holiday and a trip. I don’t really know where this trip is to, but the gathering time is 8:30 am. So, today the league has finished. I had 1:1 yesterday. I managed to win 3 matches today, I’m 2nd and finally going up, to the 6th league. But I won’t be there for long, because on 4th April there is a beginning of every-month-school-tournament and then, according to places in the tournament, they make new leagues. Tournament will last 5 days. 3 rounds a day in the first 3 days and 2 rounds a day in the next 2 days, so altogether 13 rounds. Everyday in the evening teachers will review these games from the tournament. Time settings are 1h+3x20s per player.
I should have sent some photos from the classes, so I send 🙂

DSC_0003 DSC_0004 Morning life & death problems

DSC_0013 DSC_0011 And on the paper. There was 20 problems and 1h time today. On the first page 12 easier problems. On the second page 8 more difficult. I had 3 mistakes.

DSC_0005 DSC_0006 Matches

DSC_0010 Evening reviews

DSC_0009 And a photo of the league results. Something weird has happened with the school’s website and I couldn’t find the results online, that’s why I send a photo.

Easter 2016

Hey! Today normally: ‘I wish you all Everything Best for Easter’.

This is, how more or less the Easter Breakfast looks like in Poland:


And this is, how I had it today in China:


Like probably everyone, I’d prefer to be at home right now, but can’t have everything. I’d like to be the best Go player on the world, but I’ll learn more in Asia, than in Europe 🙁

By the way, in last 7 years I was just twice at home for Easter (when I had final exams of middle school and high school), the other times I was at school in Korea or on some tournament, where I had to go.

I had a nice humour yesterday, because I managed to win 3 matches in the morning for Saturday Team Tournament, but unfortunately my team didn’t win it.

At night, when I conducted online lecture for the members of Polish Go Association, I was a bit sleepy. I hope, it didn’t go that badly 🙂

At 2 pm. I start lessons today. No mercy, even while having Easter have to fight!


The Power of Yose

Today we had again problems for counting yose. Again was nice 🙂 There was just 12 problems (but this time a bit more difficult). I had 4 mistakes, though in two out of these four these mistakes are not necesserily mistakes, because the difference of value did matter mainly of differentiating sente and gote with continuation worth more than previous move, so theoretically both answers might be correct, but practically correct is the result depending on the other places with points on the board. If I understood teacher correctly (he was speaking in Chinese), his result is more often correct. And after analysing, I came to the conclusion, that he was right. In two other problems with mistakes, in first I was wrong by 1/3 point, in second by 1/4.

I returned the paper after about 50 minutes (out of 60 minutes available). I didn’t want to check myself (I took another problems instead), because unlike my previous school in Korea – there is no need to do 50 squats after every mistake here 🙂

But the result of next person in the class was 8 mistakes, so it’s ok.

If someone wants to check himself, I send a photo with these problems:



And after problems I managed to win 2 matches to the school league 🙂

If again, in the next year I’d have holidays in February, I’ll try to write next book. This time for advanced: “The Power of Yose”.


And it was supposed to be so nice

I’ve got an e-mail, that Europe has possibility to send one player for Limin Cup (unofficial World Go Championship under 23) and thanks to the collected Bonus Points from the European tournaments I’ll go. Nice, because even for the last place I’d get about 2000 euro minus airticket. Whole the day today I was happy. First time, when I’m here, at this school (counted totally with these 3 months last year) I had the best result in my class from life & death problems (4 mistakes out of 20 problems). In school league I had 2 wins. I came back glad to the room and switched a computer on. I’ve got a second e-mail, that I can’t participate in Limin Cup, because amateurs playing in this tournament must be born after 1st January 1993, but professionals … after 1st January 1996. There should be a couple of swear sentences now. And a few hundred more. And still not enough… And atmosphere fell.

Photos – school from outside and apartment

Ok, so I send eventually some photos. There was a better weather yesterday (not so much smog in the air), so I took.

DSC_0051        DSC_0052 We are heading to school.

DSC_0053 DSC_0056 Something in the middle of courtyard nearby school’s entrance.

DSC_0058 DSC_0060 A bit further.

DSC_0063 Passage to the football pitch.

DSC_0064 And already at school here. On the walls, there are photos of some famous people. Lessons are on the 4th floor, so there is a bit of photos, but I haven’t been taking photos of all these photos 🙂

DSC_0065 DSC_0066

DSC_0067 DSC_0069


DSC_0071 4th floor, “Ge Yuhong Weiqi Dojo & China EGF Training Center”

DSC_0074 DSC_0075 Photos of people, who became professionals, while studying at this school.

DSC_0077 DSC_0078 Corridors and classrooms’ entrances.

In this building there are lessons for first 11 leagues. In the first 4 classrooms there are 2 leagues each and in 5th classroom there are leagues 9, 10, 11. Further leagues train in another building, which is called by Europeans ‘kindergarten’.

Some photos from inside (lessons) I’ll send you next week 🙂

And beneath there are photos from the apartment, which our sponsor – CEGO gives for use to Europeans, who are training at school.

DSC_0081 Building from outside.

DSC_0083 First door at the 5th floor.

DSC_0085 Second door, room number 0502.

These ones, who were behind these doors might be shocked at the glimpse of these photos, because … I cleaned up whole the garbage dump left by Europeans in January.

DSC_0087 DSC_0090 Room I sleep in.

DSC_0093 DSC_0094 Living room

DSC_0096 DSC_0099 Living room

DSC_0097 View from the window.

DSC_0100 DSC_0102 Kitchen

DSC_0103 DSC_0104 Another bedroom.

DSC_0105 DSC_0106 One more bedroom.

DSC_0107 DSC_0108 DSC_0109 Bathroom

Saturday – fast matches

Hey! I managed to play today in a way I liked in a team tournament at school. I had 2:1, but all my opponents play normally in higher leagues than me. On Saturdays these fast matches are always being played for so called ‘team tournaments’ (they split us onto 4 teams and we play against, so that everyone plays 1 match with someone from every other team, 3 matches in total). And my team won, 30 yuan (about 4,5 euro) to pocket 🙂 Yeah, all the matches we play for money here. Today everybody had to give 10 yuan at the start and everybody from a team that won gets then 40. In the school league it is a bit different. Every match there is for 10 yuan. You win – you get from opponent, you lose – you pay your opponent.

After the second league

Today’s loss in the morning made me angry. Opponent had been playing bullshit and I had a won game till byo-yomi, but in byo-yomi I had been playing bullshit and I lost. This is how it looks like here. Even though in Europe fast matches are not going badly for me, I’m definitely the worst one in my groups here. In the afternoon match I managed to win and we had in 3 people the same amount of wins and SODOS, so we were drawing lots for places 2-4. When there is a total lottery, I’m almost always losing, this time too. I’m 4th and I keep staying in league 7. Results are on website: