Journey to China

I have bought a flight ticket to China, yet. I’ll go to Beijing on 8th March. Coming back to Europe on 27th April. I’ll play in the 2nd European Grand Slam in Berlin from 29th April. Being seeded, it will be not necessary to play in the 1st round for me. Just starting from quarter-final 🙂

European Pro Championship 2016 – from my perspective

European Professional Go Championship 2016 is over.

On 11th February I was going by train to Warsaw, where I had a plane to St. Petersburg. It was a weird journey. At the very start, I had practice for driving license (2 hours of driving). By the way, I had signed up for an exam on 1st March. Later, I came to the train station to Rybnik, I had bought ticket to Katowice (I had a transfer there) and I got a bit angry soon, because they said, that the train to Katowice has 25 minutes delay and I had just 18 minutes for transfer in Katowice. So, I had gone to the ticket office and had asked what to do. I had shown a ticket to Warsaw and departure time and I had told about this delay and flight from Warsaw. Of course, hag told me that she doesn’t know anything and had adviced me to go to the second cash desk. I had nothing else to do, so I had gone to ask in the second cash desk about the same. This time, there was interest of conversation from the second person. Because that hag had asked me, if I want to return the ticket to Warsaw. There was an interest, but unfortunately lack of understanding. I had told her ‘No’ and ‘Today I need to be in Warsaw’. I’d been asking about other trains from Katowice, as well. She told me to log in online and check it myself. I had had no internet with me, so already a bit annoyed, I had asked her, if she can check. Her response was really awesome: ‘I don’t know how’ and she gave me a paper with application for complaint. I had thanked her, had gone away from the window and a few questions had come to my mind: ‘How I’ll be able to catch a train in Katowice?’, ‘When I’ll be in Warsaw?’ and ‘Why the hell, these stupid hags aren’t failed yet?’. After the train’s arrival I had asked conductor and the solution had come pretty quickly. My next train had had a delay as well (1 hour, as it turned out later). We can count on Polish trains, then 🙂

I had caught the train and plane and I had come to Russia. On place, everything was very well organised. Unfortunately, after arrival I couldn’t sleep much. But, never mind. From the hotel, we stayed in, we had gone by bus to another hotel for the tournament. Beside Pro EC there was also another tournament, Chinese Consule Cup. A pretty big tournament, because almost 200 people participated.

5 people had been playing in Championship. 7 people could participate. I was a bit surprised, that Pavol Lisy and Catalin Taranu didn’t come. We had been playing round robin system. Unfortunately in 1st round I lost to Ali Jabarin. In 2nd round I had a pause (every round somebody had to have it, so in second round I was able to rest after the loss).  In 3rd round after difficult match, I managed to win somehow against Alexander Dinerstein. In the middle of the game I thought, I will not be able to win, because I was losing. But at the end somehow managed to win. In the next day I had been sleeping more and it was easier to play to me. In 4th round I lost to Fan Hui and he was sure of getting 1st place after it. I thought the tournament was over for me though. Ilya Shikshin won however against Ali and the next match with Ilya was match for all. If I lost – I’d be 4th. If I won – 3 people (Ilya, Ali and me) we would have a loop and it’d be necessary to play additional games to emerge winners. After very hard fight I managed to win by 0,5 point. Later we had a lottery, cause we had to choose one of us, who’d play just one match (for 2nd and 3rd place), Ilya was drawn. So, Ali and me, we had been playing a match for 4th place or for a match for 2nd and 3rd place. We had small amount of time, because it was just 45 minutes sudden death. I was already very tired, because previous matches were pretty long and I haven’t had much time for rest between rounds. However… Somehow I managed to win again and I had guaranteed at least 3rd place in a tournament and seat in Chunlan Cup. After this match I was already happy from the overall score. But I had one more match to play. I got again just 10 minutes for rest and we’d been playing. 2 place it’s most of all seat in Ing Cup – probably the most prestigious tournament on the world, which takes place just once in 4 years and just 2 people from Europe can participate there. Match against Ilya was difficult, too. But I did the best I could and … I won!!!

Officially by time (Ilya lost on time, when I had 3 seconds left), but on the board it was almost an over and I’d been winning anyway by a couple of points.

So, I’m going for ING CUP!!!

Records of the matches on website:

Train with Mateusz, day 15

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As you have probably realised, in these problems, it was necessary to find a tesuji and play the best endgame. In problems for the next few days it’s gonna be similar, I guess.

European qualification for Chunlan Cup

EGF (European Go Federation) decided that European Pro Championship, which will be next week, will emerge one European representative for Chunlan Cup. So, top 3 places at the EPC will be awarded by departures for other tournaments to China (two seats for Ing Cup, one seat for Chunlan Cup). Winner chooses, in which tournament he will compete.

What’s the Chunlan Cup? It’s a nice tournament with not small prizes. I’s being played with KO system. Time per player is 3h+5x60s byo-yomi. There will be 24 participants (top three from last year, besides 8 from China, 5 from South Korea, 5 from Japan, 1 from Taiwan,  1 from America and 1 from Europe). Eight theoretically best will be seeded (they will start from the 2nd round). Prizes: 2000$ for loser in 1st round , 4000$ for loser in 2nd round, 7000$ for loser in 3rd round, 15000$ za 4th place, 30000$ for 3rd place, 50000$ for 2nd place, 150000$ for 1st place. All minus 20% of tax.

Even if managed to get to this tournament, it’d be hard to proceed to 2nd round, because opponents will not be weak.

Train with Mateusz, day 14

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