Train with Mateusz, day 10

Next problems:

26-1         27-1

Last problems took me pretty a lot of time (especially problems 154-166) comparing to previous ones, but eventually I managed to solve them.

My answers to problems from the day 9:

24-2         25-2

In problems 133, 138, 140, 144, 151 there is no correct solution in my opinion.

Train with Mateusz, day 8

After a few days break I send some new problems:

22-1              23-1

And my answers to problems from the day 7:

20-2              21-2

Problems no. 20, 24, 47, 50 I couldn’t solve. In my opinion, these problems have no solution.

Visa to Russia

Finally I got visa to Russia. I was in a Visa Center in Warsaw twice and eventually they told me that they won’t give me it, because I’m from Silesia and it’s closer to the other Visa Center, which is in Krakow. So, I went to Krakow. 2 suitcases in hands and a backpack, altogether about 35 kg. So much, because I was going to Krakow directly from Warsaw. But, in Warsaw I had to pick up a suitcase from China (I had stuff for 3,5 months inside). That suitcase didn’t come with me back to Poland, but remained in Guangzhou. Why? While our stay at World Team Championship, we had some ‘sightseeing activity’. After this trip, every participant got a souvenir – an external phone battery. The Government of China apparently didn’t like the fact, somebody is trying to export that ‘thing’ out of China, so they kept my luggage at the airport. By the way, I came to Poland on 22nd December. I came to Warsaw back for my luggage on 7th January. Of course there was no battery inside. Instead of it, there was a paper with some sentences that the battery was requisitioned and complaints might be applied up to 7 days after my departure (up to 28th December). The way from Warsaw to Krakow was also ‘nice’, because the car in a train was nearly full and there was no compartments. The bigger suitcase filled whole the aisle width. But at last, when with a miracle I got to ‘my’ seat, an annoying hag, who was sitting on that seat told me to find another seat, because at ‘her’ place there was also somebody else, who didn’t give her ‘her’ place, too. Eventually, after 10-15 minutes after the train set off, I managed to find an empty seat. At least I’ve learned, next time I should be more bothersome and go to the conductor. Anyway, I managed to get somehow to Visa Center to Krakow and give them all documents they wanted (I think it was totally 7 sheets of paper). After payment (258,06 PLN) I could go back home. I was in Krakow again for documents’ receipt today. The way (there and back) took me 12 hours, but the visit in a Visa Center took me about 1 minute. Giving them confirmation, signature and finally getting my passport with pasted visa for 4 days (12-15 February). All just for being able to go to the Championships. I’d like to take there at least second place, for being able to represent Europe at the Ing Cup.

Train with Mateusz, day 6

Next day, next problems. Today Saturday, tomorrow Sunday (weekend), so a bit less, than as usual 🙂

17-1           16-1

And my answers to problems from the day 5:

14-2           15-2

Train with Mateusz, day 5

And next problems for the next day:

15-1           14-1

And below my answers to problems from the day 4:

12-2           13-2

In my opinion there is no possibility to do anything harmful to white’s group in problem 314. In problem 323 I don’t see how to catch cutting stones, too.

Train with Mateusz, day 3

Problems for the next day:

DSC_0021         DSC_0026

And beneath my answers to problems from the day 2. Problems 165 and 225 took me a lot of time. In problem 165 I couldn’t find any possibility to kill the group, but I’ve found ko in a lot of places. In turn, in problem 225 I see just ko (I wasn’t able to find it completely alive).


About the problem 225 I’ve been thinking even while having driving lesssons, but it didn’t help me (still I’m not sure about the correct answer). Anyway, 3 hours in a snow-flurry in the Rybnik County might make someone tired, too 🙂

Train with Mateusz, day 2

I send problems for the next day.

DSC_0021        DSC_0024

And my answers to problems from the day 1 (I’ve been solving these problems myself, so there might be some mistakes). Anyway, I suggest to solve these problems (put stones on the board, then think while looking at the board, not to damage your eyes), then compare answers.

7-2                6-2