What now?

In these last 5 weeks I didn’t really have much time to write anything on this website. At school in China I was falling down or remaining in the same league. In the last cycle I had 0:5 in the 2nd amateur league. In the “spare time” I was writing some project.

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A few photos

Since Friday we have finally hot water (for the last two weeks we didn’t have), hurray. We’ve got also eventually a new router. Internet works better, so I can send some photos.

From the trip onto the lake nearby Urumqi (we went there by the way of the Silk Road Tournament).

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Change of the system of playing matches at school

Since Monday there are at school some different leagues for professionals. So, beside Chinese pros, Ali and Eric, they’ve put me there as well. We don’t play in the normal school league anymore. There are just 2 pro-leagues at school right now (in each there are 6 players), but from the next week probably there is going to be more pro-leagues. Of course I play in the 2nd. After the first cycle I had 2:3 and 4th place (I managed to win against Ali and some Chinese girl-pro). In the second cycle (and still in the 2nd pro-league) I played one match and I lost.

Record :-)

In that 5th league I lost my last game and finally had score 3:2, but I managed to get 2nd place in a group and go to the 4th league. And there I managed to win 3 matches, I lost 1 and got 2nd place and I should move to the 3rd league. Continue reading

Flat and visa

The flat in Beijing is still the same, which I was living in last year. However, we had here one Chinese as the additional lodger, though the word “parasite” would be probably the more proper one. It’s someone, who was teaching kids at some Go camp, which was organised in Beijing and they let him live here. But, he was about to leave this flat till 1st September. He left on 16th September, after … the police intervention. Continue reading

Huai’an Cup 2016

From Urumqi I went to Beijing. And at the next day we were going from the school to Huai’an on another tournament. Taking part in the CEGO program, from Europe were going there: Staś Frejlak, Jonas Welticke, Vyatcheslav Kajmin, Oscar Vazquez and me (Ali Jabarin was at that time in Korea playing in the Samsung Cup). From America – Eric Lui. In China there are many cities, which are called Huai’an. The tournament had place in the “close to Beijing” Huai’an. We were travelling there by bus for 6,5h. We were living in a nice hotel, food was good. It’s just a pity, that I screwed up at the start, because after 6 rounds I had Continue reading

The Silk Road Tournament 2016

Hi! I haven’t been writing for pretty long, because I didn’t really have opportunities. After two days in journey, I managed to get somehow to Urumqi. I was flying with Staś Frejlak from Warsaw (but I had to come by train to Warsaw first, Polish trains aren’t as fast as the Chinese ones, so it took pretty long) with transfers in Helsinki and Beijing (the journey wasn’t awesome, because I was flying from Beijing to the Helsinki’s direction for 4h). After arrival we were waiting over an hour for a bus and they took us to the tournament’s venue. We were travelling over 1,5h by bus, which had something wrong with suspension, so that it was swinging pretty well. They told us to leave the luggage and go back to the bus, not to be late for the opening ceremony (we were less than 15 min in the hotel). As it turned out, the opening ceremony took place in the hotel nearby the airport. This time, Continue reading